Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wednesday of Holy Week...

-The gospel writers do not tell us what Jesus did on this day. entire day in the last week of His Life...and we got....nuthin'.
(Which, translates to me as, God didn't think we needed to know.)

-Scholars assume, Religious leaders probably continued plotting Jesus' death,
as Judas agreed to betray him for thirty lousy pieces of silver.

I wonder...was He able to sleep at night? Was there a countdown in His head...
did He keep asking what time it was? Did He have an appettite? Was He frustrated, looking at the faces, He knew were about to betray Him?  

Knowing what we know about seems as if, He probably did what He always did...
talked TO and ABOUT His Father.
I bet on Wednesday, He loved God and He loved others...and He did it and still does, perfectly.

His "face set like flint"towards Jerusalem- With your face in His mind.

In His Dust,


Debbi's Blog said...
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Anonymous said...

beautiful and comforting words... old and new