Friday, April 30, 2010


Live from Chicago..... I'm at the Q Conference- sitting, learning, discussing, wrestling and marinating on the teachings among 650 of the world's leading theologians, artists, communicators and thinkers.....and then....
All of this with a side of deep dish pizza...cold beer...great friends and laughing until tears roll down our cheeks... Some thoughts from the week....

Where are we pursuing the prodigals to let them know their story doesn't end in the valley?

Who do u think of when u hear the word "Christian?"
Who do u think of when u hear the word "Christ-like?"

There is a place for apologetic, but it's not the first place

Fear does horrible things and Fear and Love can't coexist.

Once you get numb to human suffering, that’s the beginning of the end.

Hey church - it is more important to tell the truth about your failures than to present your agenda

I plead with you today stop being the gatekeeper and start acting like Jesus.

Preach Jesus- not salvation.

What if you live as a middle-class-in-spirit, instead of a poor-in-spirit person?

God, Thank You for this opportunity to just sit back and listen to You.

In His Dust,


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Row, Row, Row...

Row, Row, Row your boat...

I forgot to mention what our job is in the storm...besides trusting Jesus.

It's pretty simple stuff really...We row.
It's not very glamorous and sometimes easier said than done.
Nevertheless, we must keep rowing.
Feel alone and afraid?

Keep rowing.

Feel angry and overwhelmed?

Keep rowing.

Max Lucado wrote a great devotional on this subject-
“He went into the hills to pray.” Mark 6:46

"What does Jesus do while we are in the storm? You’ll love this. He prays for us . . .
So where does that leave us?

While Jesus is praying and we are in the storm, what are we to do?
Simple. We do what the disciples did. We row . . .
Much of life is spent rowing . . . Getting out of bed. Fixing lunches . . . More struggle than strut."

God, Thank You for the stamina You have instilled in each one of us.

In His Dust,

Monday, April 26, 2010


“I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:20

A storm on the Sea of Galilee was not your average thunderstorm. The surrounding valley caused a wind tunnel, which compressed and created squalls on the lake.
Waves as tall as ten feet were common . . . From the center of this wretched storm, a very calm and resound Jesus shouted
“I Am!”

Still your hospital room, in your office, in your travels, in your broken relationships, in whatever anxiety you have....Please remember and rest assured, as bold as He was against the Gallilean waves.
He says to you, and to me today, “I Am.”

God, Thank You for always riding in my boat. Thank You for calming me as well as the storms.

In His Dust,

Friday, April 23, 2010


He doesn't need our advice...He needs our Hands, Feet and Hearts...
God, thank You for Your patience with our ignorance
In His Dust,
*Cartoon by Cuyler Black

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


"Be Still and know that I Am God." Psalm 46:10
How many times will I read this before I take it seriously?
Apparently, a little more so today.
Yesterday, I sprained my ankle for the 8th time. To clarify, 6 sprains/breaks on the right..and we are now onto the left ankle for the 2nd time.

Did God Push me? Nope.

Was it His fault? Nope.

Is He going to use this time, of me walking slower than my great-great teach me to appreciate the things I usually speed past?

God, Thank You for the opportunity to slow down.

In His Dust,

Friday, April 16, 2010


Ascension Deficit Disorder...
Make sure you don't have it.

God, Thank You for having my back...even when I miss the big things.

In His Dust,

*Cartoon by Cuyler Black

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


“Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever.”

Matthew 6:13

“Thine is the Kingdom and the power and the glory forever.” What protection this phrase affords. As you confess that God is in charge, you admit that you aren’t. As you proclaim that God has power, you admit that you don’t. And as you give God all the applause, there is none left to dizzy your brain." ~Max Lucado

I must keep my eye on the prize...which is Christ Jesus.

Nothing else.

No one else.

God, Thank You for your constant protection...and promise that "revenge is yours."

In His Dust,


Monday, April 12, 2010

8th grade...

We just confirmed 57 8th graders yesterday! (with 3 more scheduled.)
It was great- we spent a year together studying, laughing, serving, bonding,
and studying some more. It all culminated yesterday morning, as they stood before the congregation and confessed their faith in Christ. It was fantastic-
Do you remember 8th grade?
Were you too tall or too short? Too skinny or not skinny enough? Too loud or too quiet? Too smart or not smart enough? Not enough friends...or too many that weren't "real" friends?
All of those awkward moments- where everyone around you told you "who you were."
I dare to suggest, there is still an "8th grader" in all of us.

David McNitzky spoke yesterday of a village in Burundi...where there are no mirrors.
Not a single one.
They believe that those that love you tell you who you are...or what you look like.

So, to the Class of 2010,
May you know who you are in Christ first and foremost...from this day on.
I'm proud of you guys-always remember that- HE believes in YOU.
God, Thank You for the opportunity to learn more about You, along side these fabulous kids. May the 8th grader in each one of us, see ourselves in Your Eyes.
In His Dust,

Friday, April 9, 2010

For Sale...

The tomb is still empty...He is alive!
Although Easter has past, don't forget the cost.

Have a great weeekend!

God, Thank You for what You have done and are still doing for us.

In His Dust,

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"I'm So Busy..."

“He makes me to lie down in green pastures;
He leads me beside the still waters.” ~Psalm 23:2

Everybody's busy.
I get it. I hear about it from everyone I talk I am sure you do too-
Seriously, take note today, of how many people tell you just how busy they are.
Why do people feel the need to tell everyone this? Do they enjoy it? Does it make them feel less busy to bore me and you about their busyness?
What really makes me nuts is the assumption that I am not just as busy-or even busier for that matter?Bottom line for all of us....
He makes me…He leads me…He is in charge.
The sheep (that's us) have a one job. That's it.
Watch and follow The Shepherd.
So how about if you and I get "busy" with that?
God, Thank You for your consistent leading.

In His Dust,


Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Aftermath....

The Aftermath of Easter....

I keep thinking about the disciples...can you imagine there conversation this am...

did they sleep at all- or did they just stare at Jesus?
Did they question Him all night long?
Did they think they were dreaming- or hallucinating for that matter, due to a lack of sleep. Did they get up early and run back to the tomb to make sure it was still empty?
No matter what they did-it IS still empty....He is Still Risen and He is very much Alive!Easter Sunday is over....but Living as an Easter Christian is not. As a matter of fact, each day it begins anew.

God, thank You for leaving the Tomb Empty for a constant reminder of Your Love and determination to stop at nothing to reach us.

In His Dust,

Sunday, April 4, 2010

He Is Risen!!!!!

"The angel said to the women, 'Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.'"
~Matthew 28:5-6a
Two women got ready first and went to the tomb. Expecting to find the body of their Rabbi, Their Savior. God has other plans. He treated them instead to a display of His power. With a violent earthquake shaking the ground, an angel of the Lord came from heaven, rolled back the stone covering the tomb and sat down on the rock. Hello!
(Notice the stone was still in place- Nothing can keep Jesus from us!)

The angel looked at the women, and spoke words that transformed them from hopeless to hope-filled:
"Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay. Then go quickly and tell his disciples: He has risen from the dead and is going ahead of you into Galilee" ~Matthew 28:5-7.

We can't imagine this deal! Going to bed the night before, exhausted, beat down, confused, frustrated....and waking up to this!?!?
Are you kidding me!!!!
Hope wasn't dead. Jesus was alive!
Hopefully, we too will learn the lesson of the disciples.
When God is involved, things aren't always what they seem.
Thank you God, for what You have done...for what You are doing and what You will do. Please forgive me for not deserving any of it, and yet, you never waver. I love you very much.

In His Risen Dust,

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday of Holy Week...

On This Day of Holy Week....

Soldiers stood a very vigilant guard over a heavily sealed tomb.
There was silence on the outside of it...
and the inside of it.

Saturday must have been a quiet and foggy day for the disciples. 
I imagine there were moments of shock, as well as deep clarity, 
regarding the gravity of the situation.

We must remember, they did not know of Easter Sunday on this day. 

All they knew with certainty was before their eyes was an empty cross

 and blood had been shed...

and nearby was a filled and heavily sealed tomb.

I know what I do after a funeral of someone I love deeply, don't you? 

Don't you, sit around and remember....
or at least try to...what they said or did.

He said it was His was given for us...

He said it was His Blood poured out for us... 
He said Love God and Love others...

He said, with God nothing is impossible...

This was not a movie.

This was not just a made up story.

This was THE VERY Son of God Himself, 
Who gave His VERY Own Life....for you and for me.

God, What You have done for us, is unspeakable and indescribable. Thank You. May we hear and obey Your words.

Waiting for Sunday,


Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday of Holy Week...Good Friday

This Day in Holy Week HIS-Story


The time has come.

Just before dawn, Jesus is tried before Pilate and Herod Antipas.

After hours upon hours of being beaten, whipped, flogged, mocked, spit on...He sets His Face like flint...and walks to the cross.

For You.

For Me.

At 9 am , Jesus is nailed to the cross.

At noon the whole country was covered with darkness, which lasted for three hours.” Matthew 27:45

"Of course the sky is dark; people are killing the Light of the World . . .
The sky weeps. And a lamb bleats. Remember the time of the scream? “At about three o’clock Jesus cried out.” Three o’clock in the afternoon, the hour of the temple sacrifice. Less than a mile to the east, a finely clothed priest leads a lamb to the slaughter, unaware that his work is futile. Heaven is not looking at the lamb of man but at “the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world” John 1:29 ~Max Lucado

At 3 pm, Jesus, The Very Son Of God Himself dies.

Before the sun sets, as according to Jewish tradition, Jesus is taken down and placed in a very heavily secured and sealed tomb.

“The Good Shepherd puts the sheep before himself.” John 10:11

"God is on a cross. The creator of the universe is being executed.
Spit and blood are caked to his cheeks, and his lips are cracked and swollen.
Thorns rip his scalp. His lungs scream with pain. His legs knot with cramps . . .
And there is no one to save him, for he is sacrificing himself.
It is no normal six hours . . . it is no normal Friday." ~Max Lucado

God, I am so sorry. I love you.

In His Dust,


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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday of Holy Week- The Last Supper...

This Day in Holy Week HIS-Story....
Thursday -Jesus Celebrates Passover with His Disciples which become The Last Supper
"While they were eating, Jesus took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to his disciples, saying, “Take it; this is my body.” Then he took the cup, gave thanks and offered it to them, and they all drank from it.
“This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many.”

~Luke 14:22-24
After Supper, Jesus went to pray in the Garden of Gethsemane"He withdrew about a stone's throw beyond them, knelt down and prayed, "Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done." An angel from heaven appeared to him and strengthened him. And being in anguish, he prayed more earnestly, and his sweat was like drops of blood falling to the ground."
 Luke 22:41-46

He is arrested, and then questioned by Caiaphas, the high priest.
Then, just as Jesus predicted, Peter denied Jesus three times.
I have been to this location in Israel, and it is in the same courtyard where Jesus was being questioned by Caiaphas. Therefore, making it highly possible that Jesus and Peter made direct eye contact as the rooster crowed.

The Sun will be up will The Son.

Thank You God.

In His Dust,