Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday of Holy Week...

What is going on in church this week???
Plenty! To understand, we will need to look back at what went on during this week so many years ago-
Jesus thoughts are not recorded during His last week. But according to the gospels, we do have some information about His actions during this time.
Scholars disagree over the specific days on which certain events took place,
but, to the best of my knowledge (along with alot of help from The Gospels and Ray VanderLaan, I will try to tell you what took place on those days-


1. Jesus returns to The Temple
2. Jesus clears the Gentile courts of money changers and vendors
3. Jesus curses Fig Tree

I remember this day as the day Jesus got mad!

When Jesus "cleared the temple", it was not a fit of rage, like
I tend to have in back of a slow driver.
Jesus' anger was very deliberate.

Jesus did not sin in His Anger.

This is a foreign concept to me...anger without sin? I lost my cool just yesterday over some drivers who thought the speed limit on Broadway was 16 mph.

Jesus anger was righteous. He was furious because they were not only ripping off poor people...but were standing in the way of the Gentiles worshipping and knowing about His Father, God.

In my opinion..I think this is what pushed Him over the edge. Stopping people from worshipping His Father...or at the very least...learning more about Him.

Humbly today and this week..I will wonder...what does Jesus wants to clear out of my it my lack of patience with drivers, (as I drive by with His Fish on the back of my Tahoe?) Or is it my attitude towards someone in my life, who I see as constantly trying to "diminish out my light." Maybe God is trying to clear out my impatience and with others- ouch.

What is He wanting to clear out of yours?

In His Dust,


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