Monday, October 19, 2009

Playing Possum...

Since somebody's birthday is March. So obviously the discussion naturally came up at dinner on Friday night.....
K-My birthday is coming.
Me-What should I get you for a present?
K-Ummmm.....a possum, I guess.
Me- Sure....exactly what I was thinking!

I'm not sure where she is planning to put it...or where I am going to get it...
I'm pretty sure I can find her a flat one on 35.

But the point is, that's what she asked for...and I love that she can ask me for anything.....ANYTHING.

How blessed are we that we have that same privilege with God.

God, Thank You for listening to all of our requests....You hear about all the "possums" we ask you for....and always answer with our best interest.

In His Dust,

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