Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter P.S.

Some serious Easter discussions over heard at La Fonda with one of my Goddaughters this weekend, Katherine and her sisters Caroline and Lizzie.
With all of the excitement of Christmas morning...Katherine yelled (and yes, I do mean yelled, she is my Goddaughter for heaven's sake)

"Can you believe how super awesome it is that Jesus rose from the dead!?!?!"

I said- "I know, I can believe it...it is sooooo super awesome!"

Caroline-"I wish my hamster was like Jesus, he died this morning"

Me-"Only Jesus brings Himself back from the dead"

Caroline- "Duh. I know that."

Katherine-"Even if people are mean you should always love them."

Me-"Good reminder...thanks Kitty Cat"

Katherine- "We have to because, He gave us all our sins"

Me- I think it the other way around- we gave HIM all of ours"

Katherine- "are you sure about that?"

Me- "Yep, pretty sure."
Katherine-"So He got OUR spanking?"
Lizzie (5 yrs. old) - "I like the chocolate eggs...but it is really about God's Son"
Me-"You are right Lizzie, it IS ALL about and ONLY about JESUS."
What I wanted to tell them, but they had already high-tailed it out of there down to Pet Works for a new hamster, was this-
It is super awesome that he rose from the dead...for so many reasons...the older you get the more you will learn and be aware of how many "spankings" you deserved, but HE took on the cross.
I pray that you will always keep in mind....that in all the details of faith, the what, the when, the how, the why....
all that really matters is Jesus. Its just that simple.

Grace and Peace,


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