Wednesday, March 26, 2008

No Fear...

365 times in The Bible this statment is made-
365, as in, Yes, God knew we needed to hear this once a day-
For some, you need to hear it right now.
For others, you need it later this morning.
For some, maybe you just need to share it with others today-
the bottom line, it doesn't matter when you need is there and it is from HIM-

As a "worrier" myself, it is nice to know, He understands me. Since Is able-
to hang the stars, like we put a hanger back up in the closet-
to plant the mountains, like we pick up a Hershey's Kiss
to tell the rolling waves, exactly where to stop and start on the shore-

I am going to take His Word on this.

Grace and Peace,



Anonymous said...

So how is it going on trusting His Word on this?

Debbi's Blog said...

It is going mighty fine- thank you