Thursday, December 24, 2015

It's Your Move...

From a manger in Bethlehem, 
God leaned over the whole world and said...
"It's your move.
-Bob Goff

So what's your move?
Love Him...
Love others...
Walk humbly....
Laugh more...
Be kind....
Be gentle....
To be with you.
To be with me.
To show usexactly who He is.
So, what's your move? Make no mistake He is listening.
"Thanks be to God for His Unspeakable Gift." ~2 Corinthians 9:15
God, Thank You for coming to us...just because you love us that much.
In His Dust,

Monday, December 14, 2015

His Light In Your Darkness....

'Tis the season of...

His Light is shining in your darkness...
I have seen it.
You have seen it too.
In new born puppies....(Congratulations to Sadie.)
Around kitchen counters, where sugar covered kids decorate cookies....
In teary-eyed grown men...
In children dressed as shepherds and cows...
On the shoulders of saddle-carrying friends,at unexpected funerals...

Call it it it advent....
whatever you call it...make no mistake about it...
what you are seeing and feeling is 
The Light of The World Himself---JESUS.

"The Life-Light blazed out of the darkness;
    the darkness couldn’t put it out."~ John 1:5 
Those of you who find yourself struggling this holiday-you are not alone....
The Light of the world has come. 
He is with us.

His Light has come to interrupt our darkness.
His Light will not go out. 
He will not leave you.

"For even if the mountains walk away
    and the hills fall to pieces,
My love won’t walk away from you,
    my covenant commitment of peace won’t fall apart.”
    The God who has compassion on you says so." Isaiah 54:10

God, Thank You for your constant reminders that You are STILL God WITH us.

In His Dust,