Saturday, March 1, 2008

Starbucks who??

"The Foundry" our new coffee shop is opening in a few weeks-

Stop on by and grab a cup...or a taco...bring your laptop (yes, free WiFi)
..hide out...have a meeting...make a phone call....visit with us...or come serve along side of us-

2720 McCullough SAT 78212
(We are located on the corner of Huisache and McCullough)

*Wednesday nights -Q&A with Pastor Mark Williams
*Thursday nights- worship

We NEED volunteers to pour some java-
M-F shifts:
6:30 am-10:00 am
10:00 am-1:30 pm

Wed & Thur nights shifts

for more info-


Anonymous said...

I can't wait -- I look forward to having meeting there!

Debbi's Blog said...

personally, I am looking forward to making Michael wait on us, while we act like we are talking about important really deep things.

Anonymous said...

i absolutely love the person who is doing this church thingy!!! and what adorable pics!!!!!! where did you find them??? this is a really nice way to gritch and compliment!!!! way to go!!! bless you....hh

Debbi's Blog said...

Debbi the page looks great!!!! Services will be on Thursday at the Foundry and we need volunteers for the shifts when it opens. Monday-Friday 1st shift 6:30-10:00 2nd shift 10:00-1:30 and Wednesday and Thursday nights 5-9. Thanks for taking this on, it is wonderful communication!!!!


Debbi's Blog said...

Cindy- Leah might want to volunteer...and will get back to you with when-

Anonymous said...

What's that? Michael will have to wait on us? Awesome! Barista Mikey -- another title -- just what he needs.