Monday, June 22, 2015

Mount Everest....

I don't remember going to a Vacation Bible School as a kid....
I do remember going to some lady's house for "The Good News Club"....
and I am sure was a God-fearing sweet lady...but what I remember was BOOOOOORING. (and she might have possibly been a hoarder.)

Last week we had Vacation Bible School here. There were over 400 kids....
100 youth volunteers and over 100 adult volunteers.

It was organized and run as smoothly as the moon landing. 
That's how I know God picked the exact right people to be involved in it and run it...
from the head honchos....down to grandmothers who worked the kitchen and kept us all fed like we were on a cruise ship (thanks for the extra 10 pounds)

It was 5 days filled with whipped cream, laughing....and singing....
and learning about running the race

Wrapping ourselves in His Love and Presence....
From what I heard....
there was not once ounce of boring in any room on this campus.

from what I and adults of all ages spent last week....

learning, without a doubt....that God loves them and will never leave them.
And that is one thing that will never change.
We live in a community of people of all ages and all walks of life who BELIEVE in Jesus....
We get to see He HAS done...What He IS doing and what He WILL do.
I saw beauty from ashes.....
I saw a grieving mother laughing with her grandchildren...
I saw families that I didn't think would ever smile again, smiling and singing  
I saw dancing that were never supposed to even stand up 
or leave the hospital ICU....
I saw answered prayers and promises come true....

The Theme was "Mount Everest- Conquering Challenges with God's Mighty Power"

And sure enough.....we heard and saw mountain sized lessons from what the world refers to as "the least of these"
"I look up to the mountains;
does my strength come from mountains?
No, my strength comes from God,
Who made heaven and earth and mountains.
He guards you when you leave and when you return." -Psalm 121:1,2,8b

God, Thank You for taking each of us to the mountaintops with You....and staying so very close to us in the valleys.

In His Dust,

Monday, June 1, 2015

Tito and Cutie...

Your parents are my people. 
So naturally, I knew I was going to love you. 
What I didn't know, was that I was going to like you so much.
But I did. Instantly.
       And I still do. 
       And I always will. 

I remember when your parents told me they were pregnant with each of you.
The preparation and excitement that went on for nine months...
The laughing. 
and all of a sudden....there you were. 
I watched you discover the ocean for the first time...

and firecrackers...
and bows...and boys that pull bows...
Nothing of course, compared to the preparation that went on in the heavens before any of this. You were chosen. Handpicked and Handmade by God Himself. 

Down to the very detail of your likes and dislikes....
the numbers of hairs on your head...(including all the ones Grant pulled out.)
He knows you both inside and out and made you wonderfully and perfectly.

It feels like a week ago, you were in my backseat with chubby arms, big ears, funny smiles and no front teeth. But, yesterday I saw you in the audience at your Baccalaureate Service. 

While others saw you all dressed up...grown up...I saw your eyes and they looked the same as the little kids covered in chocolate ice cream in my backseat

I've now watched most every move you've made...both good and not as good. I have watched from the front row and afar....and even from the inside of a Mule suit (after a late night)....because someone needed a horse at his cowboy party.

I recall before you could speak, such precious moments as the time you, Grant....threw my favorite keychain and keys out the sunroof as We drove down the highway. 
Thanks for that. chose to eat a bag of Oreos while taking a bubble bath at my house...the following days the plumber and I bonded. Thanks for that.

I can't wait to repay you both someday. 

For 18 years. I've cheered for you and bragged about you, as if you were my very own. 
I'm looking forward to doing exactly that from here on out. 

If you find yourself searching for the familiar next year among new surroundings- I'm a phone call away can just look in the mirror and you will both see what I will always see in my heart.... 

Giggling kids in my backseat....sunroof blaring. 

No matter what...don't ever question for five seconds that God believes in you 
and so do I. 

       I love you guys and I'm sure gonna miss you.
Thank You God for the time You give us with those we love.

In His Dust,