Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I actually own this beauty...and so far, no luck.
I gave it to the Ulms...and I won't let them to give it back.

What does work about this, is that there is always an answer!

Just like God Himself...there IS an answer.
we will get a yes, no or wait. And we can not shake Him to change it.

He hears you.

He answers...

Listen for it...and remember He knows best.

Grace and Peace,


Monday, April 28, 2008


This my friend, Ramona

She died in a freak accident on her ranch in 1987.

The news that came when I was 19, woke me up in more ways than one.

I learned at a young age that there is no "promised tomorrow."

I turned toward God for answers....and instead of answers got a reassurance that we would see her again. That there was a "promised tomorrow,"it just was not in this lifetime.

I learned that He is with matter what.
I learned of His Grace and Peace by the way her parents and Kakie responded and still teach me on this very day.
She would have been 40 years old today...
I would have been tired from all of the celebrating...and most of you reading this would too.

I wish I was tired from that today....
but, I know the celebration will come.

Thank you Jesus for eternal life-
Happy Birthday Mona-

Grace and Peace,


Sunday, April 27, 2008


I just got home from a Prayer Vigil for Viola Barrios- for those of you who live in San Antonio you are fully aware of the story-- for those of you from out of town- a very well known restaurant owner was robbed, murdered and her home burned.

Well, tonight led the community to the Grotto, pictured above...but picture it lit up with candles and lightning bugs-there was not an empty seat. It was a front row view of tragedy and victory at the same time.
What spoke to me, both literally and figuratively, was Louis Barrios, son of Viola. He spoke with deep passion and conviction in his faith in Christ-That is where the victory comes in...

Yesterday he went next door, to the home of Joey Estrada, his mother's murderer.

He went to extend a hand of forgiveness and prayer

But, then he went even further...he begged us through tears, to "please pray for Joey and his family. He didn't know what he was doing"

I was and am blown away by the words he spoke....because I am STILL blown away by the words Jesus Spoke.
I have read it before- "Forgive Them"

I have believed the story- "Forgive them"

But, do I actually do it?
God, please continue to bless the Barrios family.

Grace and Peace,


Friday, April 25, 2008

The "Church"

What do people see when they look at your church?
or what do you see when looking at others?

Working in the "Methodome"- I get many comments on how "big" the church is- or how "beautiful" the building is. I agree- it is.

My prayer is that God will use the size, location and beauty of the building to get them closer so all they see is us......The Church- is not just a building- it is us...I think we better pay closer attention to what people are seeing-

We must stop judging- and start loving-from the inside out

Grace and peace,


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You, Thumbs up!

He likes you....He really likes you.

Do you know He is on your side?

He thinks you are perfectly and wonderfully made! (Psalm 139)

"What, then, shall we say in response to this?
If God is for us, who can be against us?
He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will He not also, along with Him, graciously give us all things. " ~Romans 8:31-32

So, who is against you today?

After reading this-does it still matter?

Grace and Peace,


Tuesday, April 22, 2008


He walks with us....
He waits for us...
He protects us...

He will carry you....
if you only let Him

Thank you God for being our Shepherd-

For your patience and constant watch-

Grace and Peace,


Monday, April 21, 2008


Fiesta honors the memory of the heroes of the Alamo and The Battle of San Jacinto.

The Battle of San Jacinto, fought on April 21, 1836, (172 years ago today), was the decisive battle of the Texas Revolution. Led by General Sam Houston, the Texas Army engaged and defeated General Santa Anna's Mexican forces in a fight that lasted just eighteen minutes.
(Thus starting the campaign, "Dont Mess With Texas")
Santa Anna, the President of Mexico, was captured the following day and held as a prisoner of war. Not long afterwards, he signed the peace treaties that dictated that the Mexican army leave the region, paving the way for the Republic of Texas to become an independent country.

So, we celebrate this in San Antonio with FIESTA- it is a 10-day party that includes all walks of life and over 100 events. Texas Cavalier's River Parade,
The Battle of Flowers Parade
During Fiesta all of our city and it's visitors are on the same, drink and be merry...
Enjoy life.... millions of dollars are earned and given back to the community to those who need it most. Loving our neighbors and celebrating our similarities as well as our diversities. There are men dressed as Kings and women dressed as Queen's and duchesses for the week. There are children who live for a chance to reach out and touch them-

The Real Royalty, Jesus, loves a party and loves people...I think He might like this time...where we are all on one page and just celebrating long as we are keeping it in perspective-and remembering-this is all just pretend.

Viva Fiesta-

more importantly,Viva Jesus!!!

Grace and Peace


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Passover...The Feast of Unleavened Bread

Passover, also known as Pesach, is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the exodus and freedom of the Israelites from Egypt.
The term passover comes from the fact that God "passed over" the Jews when he killed the firstborn of Egypt. This story is told in Exodus 12:23.

It is traditional for a Jewish family to gather on the first night of Passover, for a special dinner called a Seder, where the story of the Israelite exodus from Egypt is retold by the reading the Haggadah. (over 1000 year old book of instruction)
If you are ever invited to celebrate Passover must is beautiful and the very roots of what we believe as Christians. The food, symbols, words of Passover tell one of the greatest stories of all times.
Matzo or "Unleavened Bread" or "Bread of Affliction," are crackers made with flour in an environment that yeast wouldn't ever have time to leaven it.
This is about 18 minutes from the time the grain is ground to flour (or touches water) to the time it is placed in the oven.
It's called "Bread of Affliction" because it is the last thing the Hebrews ate as they left Egypt; it is the final token of the affliction and bondage they had been subjected to.
As unleavened bread it represents a lack of sin.

This is a Passover Coke, You will notice on the cap, the Hebrew "Kosher for Passover" text. The circled-U symbol is for the Union of Orthodox Rabbis, and marks a Kosher product.(Thank you Babby, my G-d mother for teaching me about this.)

The -P apparently signifies that it's not just Kosher, but Kosher for Passover. Made once a year so observant Jews can still drink Coke.

I love this!

Whatever God thinks we need...He provides.

Just like the escape from the Promised Land...

Thank you God for our heritage in the Jewish faith

Let us never forget that is where it all began.

Grace and Peace,


Friday, April 18, 2008

Bible Thumper...

No need to thump people over the head with it.

Just read it.

You'll love it.

You'll live it.

Grace and Peace,


Thursday, April 17, 2008


"The Sovereign LORD is my strength;
He makes my feet like the feet of a deer,
he enables me to go on the heights." Habakkuk 3:19

Notice what he does NOT ask...for a smooth path.

He DOES ask for feet to fit the path he is already on...whether it be smooth or rough.
We all are on a different path..some smooth, some rough...some changing as I write...or as you read.
We can rest assured that if we ask God for what we need to get down that path.
He will indeed deliver. And because He is walking with will somehow feel smoother.

Thank you God.

Grace and Peace,


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Savin' Up...

Are you kidding me???
Like I could really come across this picture and not put it on the blog-

I don't know...what it means...where it is from...
Nor do I even begin to know, what to say about this...

I guess it could be his piggy bank? Or maybe he is saving up to get his haircut for Jesus?

The small print does say "Give Yourself a Faith Lift" so maybe he is a plastic surgeon for Jesus... Maybe he sells band aids? Or saving up some souls?

I am still a lttle foggy on what this has to do with him or what he is savin' up for-
But, whatever it is, I am glad it was for Jesus.

And whatever you are saving for....I hope it is for Jesus too.

For whatever we have, is from Him first...and on loan to us while we are here.

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart,
as working for the Lord, not for men,
since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward.
It is the Lord Christ you are serving." Colossians 3:23
Grace and Peace,


Monday, April 14, 2008


A famous Shiite Muslim leader was in town last week.
I was and still am unfamiliar with him...or his sect of Islam.
I don't even know his name.
I don't know how he treats people.
I don't know what he thinks about Allah or Jesus.
All I do know about him is that his followers were organized and there were alot of them.
The very little I do know about him, I learned by watching his followers....

This reminded me of a concept taught to me in Israel by Ray VanderLaan- He was always reminded us that most of the people watching us learned about Jesus from exactly that...

What we wore-
How we spoke-
How we treated each other and their land-

If others do not know Him...There is a good chance that all they are going to know is from us.
Now we could be in some trouble Christians, we are walking billboards for God.

So what are are we saying?
What are they seeing?

Let them see Love.

For God and for each other.

Grace and Peace,


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Confirmation Sunday...

Well, it is Confirmation Sunday and I am about to march 52, yes you heard it correctly, 8th graders up the center aisle, in front of 900 people, to confess their faith in Christ. (This procedure is similar to hearding cats in front of an orchestra.)

We have been meeting weekly since August- each week we have different speakers that come in and teach a lesson...whether it is on a specific Bible story...or concept..or some even give their personal testimony-

A famous rabbi, I believe it was Akkiba, once stated, "It is a sin to teach kids to believe in God with out teaching them that He believes in them."

I love this statement and it resonates deeply with in all of my teaching. It is my prayer for all of these kids.

I have a friend named Drew...who is also being confirmed today.
Drew is a special needs student.
He has summed up the entire year and concept.

"I love Jesus and I know Jesus Loves me."
This my friends is all that matters.
Thanks Drew-
Thanks Jesus-

Grace and Peace,


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Knock Knock...

Jesus Who?
Jesus Who, knows the number of hairs on your head-
Jesus Who, loved you before anyone else knew your name-
Jesus Who, lived a perfect life and yet paid for all your sins-
Jesus Who, will never leave you-

"There is never a time during which Jesus is not speaking. Never. There is never a place in which Jesus is not present. Never. He is tapping gently on the doors of our hearts--waiting to be invited in. Few hear his voice. Fewer still open the door. But never interpret our numbness as his absence. For amidst the fleeting promises of pleasure is the timeless promise of his presence." -Max Lucado
"Surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age"
-Matthew 28:20

Who's There?
Jesus- That is Who.

Grace and Peace,


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Come on in....

Thank you God for not "child-proofing" Your House...because if anyone has good reason to keep us is YOU-
Not only do you not lock us beg us to come in!! You "have prepared a place for us"
What have we done to deserve this? Nuthin'.
We are no better than those messy kids licking the bowl...
which by the way-I would like a lick looks chocolate...and there is nothing wrong with a bowl licking every now and then! The three generations of women before me, have trained me explicitly to understand that is the best part. (Thank you Nonnie, Momo and Mom for this profound truth.) I digress...
The funny thing is HE did use a child-"proof" method-
He sent His PROVE His Love...
and in doing so....provided us a home...forever....and ever....and ever.....
(with all the chocolate and bowls to lick that we want.)
Thank you God for your mercy-
Grace and Peace

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Little Rascals.....

Sometimes, I think when God watches us, this is what He must see-
The bold (loud) and joyous mouth of Alfalfa...
The kindness and love of sweet Darla...
The patience and leadership of Spanky- trying to keep them on task...
The surprise and goodness of Buckwheat...
The peace and gentleness of what's-his-face, the little brother-

Isn't there a little Rascal in all of us?
I hope so.

God's Patience amazes me....over and over again-

Grace and Peace,


Monday, April 7, 2008

Thank you...

Most people who know me, know I have an obsession with thanking military personnel.

It began with my Grandfather, Con Mims, Jr. He was killed in action December 17, 1944 during "The Battle of The Bulge." He was a true American hero, (more medals than I can recount here.) More importantly to me, than the medals were the true rewards he left behind-
The love of his life-my Grandmother "Momo." She had a 2 yr old Con, III and was pregnant with my mom.

Due to the fact, that I never got to thank him, and I am not sure if anyone did, I feel a very strong call to thank who I can, in his honor and memory.

I came across this picture- I thought it might better explain why-

The pictures on this are why I/ we MUST go out of your way to say "thank you" to any person having served or currently serving in our military.
God Bless Them all.

For those who have offered the ultimate sacrifice- may they rest in peace-
I am so thankful to you, God, for the ultimate sacrifice You made on Good Friday- because what occured three days later on Easter- ensures, that I will meet and be with my grandfather. I will hug his neck and say a long overdue Thank you.

Grace and Peace,


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Dust of The Rabbi...

Life is complicated- depending on who you are following.

The goal in following a "teacher", or "rabbi", in Jesus' day was to be just like him. In order to do that you must walk very closely to him. When you walk closely to your teacher on the roads of Israel- you can not help but be covered in his dust.

I get so caught up in asking where He is going, what time we will get there, How do I know He is there? etc, etc...that I tend to forget Who I am following...

The past few months I have been reminded me of Who I am following.
In ways I had forgotten, or just taken for granted...and thought of as a coincidence. It has been said, "a coincidence is God's Way of Staying Anonymous"

I don't think of Him as trying to stay anonymous- rather, just showing His Grace and Mercy, as He waits patiently for us to recognize Him.

My Rabbi is Jesus. I want more of His Dust on me.

Grace and Peace,


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Good Shepherd....

Please forgive my lack of blogging this week...been busy on a road with The Shepherd.

He promises all of us "I am with You" and He certainly is.
I have watched Christ sustain my friends and give them a "peace that passes all understanding" and for that I am very grateful. I ask, and know He will continue to do so.

I was reminded of a teaching yesterday during the memorial service that, "though we walk through the valley of the SHADOW of death", He is with us.

I love this visual of death being no more than a shadow-because in order to have a shadow- there certainly must be a light on the other side.....not to mention we all know a shadow is nothing more than a reflected image.
and that image is of the Good Shepherd walking with my friend.

Grace and Peace,