Thursday, March 27, 2008

Acolytes...or Ministers?

So here they were...Easter cuts...shiny shoes...ready to work.

As an acolyte on Easter morning..this is pretty serious business....there are a lot of specific instructions were given out- where to walk, turn, stand and return to your pew, etc, etc...

Preston, on the right, had the honor of bringing in the cross- not just any cross, THE EASTER cross....all decked out with gorgeous white flowers....

So, "Onward Christian Soldiers" he marched down the center aisle-stopped in the middle of the altar with all eyes on him and the cross.

Now, here is where it gets a little tricky....he was supposed to stop turn around to the congregation and sit down...however, he got caught up in the song...and the moment of it- and stood there....and stood some more....and then a little's were trying to wave him off...clergy was sweating, audience was smiling....and then finally his wing man, Blake, ran up there to tell him, "the moms said you have to come sit down."

Now, what some might have seen as not following the instructions...I happen to see as wonderful! I also happened to see Jesus smiling from ear to ear as His Child, Preston made a very serious point by staying.

The longer he stood...the more we were all reminded, it is not about the pretty music or the flowers or the outfits....

The celebration of the empty tomb started at the cross...and without it,

Our failures were permanent.

Our faith was nothing more than a wish.

Christmas was just another ordinairy day.

Thank you God for using kids, as always, to remind us all. Grace and Peace,


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Pops and Nana said...

I love that!! Wish we could all get so involved in the moments of worshipping our risen Lord!!!
Thanks for sharing!!
Love, Lil