Monday, August 30, 2010

Likeable God...

“Be agreeable, be sympathetic, be loving, be compassionate, be humble.”
~I Peter 3:8

"They called Jesus a blasphemer, but they never called him a braggart. They accused him of heresy, but never arrogance. He was branded as a radical, but never unapproachable.

There is no hint that he ever used his heavenly status for personal gain. Ever. You just don’t get the impression that his neighbors grew sick of his haughtiness and asked, “Well, who do you think made you God?”

His faith made him likeable. "~Max Lucado

I feel like there is so much arguing- constantly on TV....Fox v. Jon Stewart...Glenn Beck v. Al radio bashing on both sides....

I was reminded that whatever side we fall on...especially if we do NOT agree......we MUST be humble....we MUST be approachable...we MUST be compassionate...we MUST be loving....We MUST at least try and Be Like Jesus!

God, Thank You for the reminder to follow Your Lead...and not my own.

In His Dust,


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Band Aids...

So I made a return appearance to the dermatologist this am....
I wish that this had been filled with tequila.

I had to have a cyst re-burned out of my leg. Yeah, I know it made me sick too....but if I had to be there...with the noises and really is the least you can do, to hear the description.
Be grateful I am not posting pictures from the equipment.

I had something removed 2 weeks ago- and it came back....with an attitude.

Reminded me of the mistakes I make and lessons I have to learn over and over again.
However, no matter what God never stops patiently "treating" me.

Sometimes the lessons feel like nothing more than a band-aid from Dr Dan....

Oh, how I longed for Doctor Dan...all he had on board of that red wagon was some band aids and treats for the puppy. Nothing that was going to burn through skin.

However, sometimes a band aid doesn't get rid of things for long.
True repentance is required for true and I need a God big enough to do whatever it takes to "clean things" up. Even if that means blood and pain.

Thank You God, for shedding your own blood for our sakes.

In His Dust,

Monday, August 23, 2010

Ruh Roh...

So I get an email from my car, yes, from my car, via On Star.It apparently wants me to know the status of its wheels, oil life and I am not really sure what else.

Are we the Jetson’s all of a sudden?? It's bizarre enough that I get told which way to turn and when while driving....
But seriously, an email from my Tahoe???

After I fed Astro and returned a call to George- I sat down to read the report. Seems all is well…Tires were full...back right, I might want to check on.….not too many miles...oil life plugging along well….might need to stop in within 800 miles for a check-up....yada, yada, yada.

It was doing exactly what it was made to do.

Can you imagine if we had to send a similar email to "our owner," God, once a month to report on how we were doing. Where we are "flat" or running low on "oil". How are my grades on Faith? Prayer? Patience? Love? Peace? Trust? Forgiveness?

There would be some occasional...ok, constant bad reports.

God, Thank You for seeing in me, in all of us the potential of honor roll.

In His Dust,

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Onward Christian Soldiers...

"Our Lord God, the Almighty, rules. Let us rejoice and be happy.” Revelation 19:6-7

In the Book of Revelation . . . we, the soldiers are privileged a glimpse into the final battlefield. All hell breaks loose as all heaven comes forth. The two collide in the ultimate battle of good and evil. Left standing amidst the smoke and thunder is the Son of God.

Jesus, born in a manger—now triumphant over Satan " -Max Lucado

No matter what the terrain looks like....or what the time line feels like....

As His Soldiers, we are assured of Victory. Not just any victory...The Ultimate Victory!

Let's March!!

God, Thank You for leading us...please give us patience and peace that passes all understanding.

In His Dust,


Monday, August 16, 2010

Press Secretary....

Since we are not able to meet "face to face" with The President...

we do have the option of listening to the chosen spokesperson.

In order to know what their stance is on an issue...In order to know their thoughts and beliefs....
He or she is trained and told what to say and how to answer questions.
He has a very close relationship with The President.

What the press secretary says is a reflection of The President.

God went a step above and beyond this.....
He Sent Jesus.
What Jesus says is EXACTLY what God says....
What Jesus believes is EXACTLY what God believes...
What Jesus thinks is EXACTLY what He thinks...
Who He is....

God, Thank You for sending Jesus....for the opportunity to know You and only You.

In His Dust,

Thursday, August 12, 2010


"For I Am The Lord, I do not change;

Therefore you are not consumed.” -Malachi 3:6

My afternoon walks with Jesus have been rudely interrupted.

They have moved to well-before-sunrise walks....the weather is to thank for this change in my schedule.

The weather lately seems to be determining a lot in my life....moods, meals and activities. Yesterday, God didn't seem to flinch, when my car read 108....

I suppose He doesn't have a thermometer in His Tahoe...Or maybe....He doesn't have to check the weather, since He Makes it.

Getting up at the crack of dawn, (Not sure if God, Himself, is even awake yet), doesn't seem to bother Him...He just walks along and listens...adding His Two Cents when I am quiet long enough to hear Him.

He pointed out to me just this morning, that these walks are not about exercise, but about Who I am walking with.

God, Thank You for loving us so much that Your temperature and schedule never change.

In His Dust,

Monday, August 9, 2010

Brady Creek...

I spent the weekend at a good friend's family ranch in Brady.


No Facebook
No Twitter
No Words with Friends
No Texting
No iPhones

Between the laughter and the silence, there was reflecting and re-telling of stories- some, tragic beyond expression...others, "drinks out your nose", hysterical.

We said thank you prayers, for friends that are family, and family that are friends-

For precious children that have been best friends since pre-natal days

We were greeted on long red dirt roads by some of God's coolest creatures...

We were entertained by early morning dance parties-

We ate juicy steaks and climbed old trees

There was good wine and good fishing-

We watched some football-

Some traded bath tubs... for swimming pools....

There was little crying and lotsa laughing- little makeup and lotsa bed head

We watched lightning storms and heard rolling thunder...chased armadillos and even had breakfast with Elvis-

Little girls cleared plates and cleaned dishes while little boys (and Elvis) manned the bar and listened to your troubles...

There was plenty of cold beer-

and lots of time to play cards-We listened to great old songs, while looking at detailed old scrapbooks. Memories flooded our minds through handwriting and pictures.

We learned lessons and taught lessons... I wondered who she'd be today, as we talked to kids about life...

and listened to their profound questions-

A weekend of being "unplugged" for me....really lead to being more connected.

"True to your word, you let me catch my breath and send me in the right direction."Psalm 23:2

God, Thank You for MAKING me lie down in green pastures.

In His Dust,

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


"Love is Patient" ~1 Corinthians 13:4
The Greek word used here for patient . . . means “taking a long time to boil.”
Think about a pot of boiling water . . .
Water boils quickly when the flame is high. It boils slowly when the flame is low.
Patience “keeps the burner down.”

Patience isn’t naive. It doesn’t ignore misbehavior. It just keeps the flame low.
It waits. It listens . . . This is how God treats us.
And, according to Jesus, this is how we should treat others."

~Max Lucado

I got this timely message a few days ago.
I quickly, rushed through it.

Nothing about it really "stopped me in my tracks."

Until this am...

I walk in the mornings....about 5:30 am....just me and Jesus...and the moon at times.

I was re-reading this on my walk and talking to The Boy about it...and I was thrilled to realize that patience doesn't have to be naive and it doesn't have to ignore bad behavior.

Part of my problem with being feeling like, I have to "ok" the people or situations that challenged me in the first place....

Not the case.

Suddenly, patience doesn't sound as hard. I just have to keep the flame on low...
wait and listen.

Some of the clearest lessons God teaches me are taught when it is dark and quiet.
Looks like I was walking in The Sonlight after all.

God, Thank You for the continued on the job training You offer me. Looking forward to tomorrow morning.

In His Dust,

Monday, August 2, 2010


I've got a crashed Macbook....had it for 5 months....
I spent Saturday night and Sunday morning waiting for an Apple phone appointment to walk me through "the fix"

Then I waited the rest of Sunday, until I was able to get into a Genius Bar appointment

Waited for them to call my name....and go through the steps to fix

Waited in mall for apple geeks to work harder on it....without me staring at them.
Success!! Oh wiped clean. Fail. Monday morning...I'll make an appointment with our Apple guru....he will know what to do....

He said the words, "Oh....goodness." (Which Crocker was quick to point out that he was not referring to the "goodness and mercy, kind of goodness.")

Well, it's now Monday evening and at the speed of a one legged turtle....there is still "transferring" possibly happening.
Yes, I said possibly.

Surprisingly, I am calm and really unflustered....which if you know me, you know this in itself, is a fairly minor miracle.

Because my brilliant Mom reminded me of the verse, I so often blurt out to everyone else but forget to follow myself. "Be Still and Know that I Am God" Psalm 46:10.

I'm saying it....and I'm believing it.

Turns out, I am in need of only One Appointment....and with Only One Certain kind of Genius,
I'm quickly realizing that some of the obstacles we face, are nothing more than opportunities for God to show us His small favors...that feel so large right at the time.

God, Thank You...for being available always- I am here for my appointment.

In His Dust,