Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Jesus, Left Behind...

Well....I had a bright and lively wake up call yesterday about 5 am.....it was a policeman ringing my front doorbell and then BANGING on my back door and windows with a bright flashing strobe light....

"For you know very well that the day of The Lord will come 
like a thief in the night" ~1Thessalonians 5:2

I wasn't sure if Jesus had come back and was taking me to a disco or I was having an averse reaction to Sunday night's dinner.
However, I was aware that something or someone had woken me up like a thief in the night.
Bad news: it wasn't Jesus....it was an actual thief.

AHPD was there to let me know I apparently had an uninvited guest break in my car.

The policeman and I stood there in the dark, peering in to my car...
my car which is normally impeccably clean....was a mess...
It looked like a Spencer's Gift Shop and a LIfeway Christian Bookstore had exploded inside.

He asked if I noticed anything missing.  
I noticed that an iPhone and a nice pair of sunglasses were gone. 

But was then distracted by what was left behind.

Items left behind and not chosen?
I'm glad you asked.

Not one but two, Jesus Bobbleheads....
A Jesus Today Devotional....
along with a church bulletin, where I'm pretty sure Jesus Himself was asking the robber....."Come on son, what are you doing?!"
Also left behind....
Action figure Jesus, a hula dancer, several Bible studies and a fake spilled Diet Coke......
and the lowest blow of them all.....Squirrel Underpants...left behind.
(don't judge me...you never know when you need to help a naked squirrel.)

Shout out and thank you to the Alamo Heights Police Department, they caught the guy within 20 minutes. (Note: Don't mess with the Mules) 

After I peeled myself off the ceiling from the abrupt wake up...I remembered this was the week that leads up to Palm Sunday and Holy Week....

I heard and saw what I believe to be, a message for me....and maybe even you.

Don't leave Him behind. 

Don't miss what He offers. 

Don't get caught up in looking for something better. 

There is nothing better and there is nothing more.....than Jesus.

May we all look in unsuspected places for Him.

May we open our eyes at unexpected times, to find Him

God thank You for your Protection and your Presence.

In His Dust,

Monday, February 20, 2017

His Signature....

God is good. 
All the time. 
and all the time....
God is good.
 "The LORD will appear above his people; 
His arrows will fly like lightning!" -Zechariah 9:14 
Look closely....
God has left His Signature.

There it stands. 
However, His Signature doesn't JUST rest on the 9 ft.cross that remains untouched....
It is Everywhere.

May we see where trees did not fall.....as His Signature.

May we see our family and friends today.....as His Signature.

May we see The blessings that are poured all over and around us...as His Signature.

 "We live within the shadow of The Almighty, 
sheltered by The God who is above all gods." 
This I declare, that He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; 
He is my God, and I am trusting him." ~Psalm 91:1,5

God, We see You alone are fit to wear the crown. Thank you for your protection.

In His Dust,