Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Do You Know Why You Are In Here?

So, after McNitzky's Book review, I went to down to our "Weekday School" There he was...(NOT the boy in the picture above)
toe headed...tussled hair...pug nose...red cheeks...looking guilty.

Time out in the "Principal's" office. (Oh yes, you remember)
after about 5 minutes of some intense thinking on his part...Mrs. Jane started the convo.
Jane -do you know why you are in here?
boy -yes.
boy- because they wouldn't do what I said.
Jane- Are you sure it is not because after they would not do what you said...you pushed them all down?
boy- oh...yeah that is why.
Jane- are you going to do that again?
boy- no.
Jane- You know I love you right?
boy- yes.
boy- its time for lunch.

Grace. Oversight. Direction.
G-O-D (acronym by Max Lucado)

Grace and Peace,


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Pops and Nana said...

I love that!! That's a question I need to ask myself on a regular basis - Do I know why I am in here??
Has it turned into a self-serving reason, or is it a serving reason??
Thanks! Lil