Monday, October 3, 2011

Just Enough...

"Give us each day our daily bread" ~Luke 11:3

Let the words fall in....

When Jesus asks for bread, He literally asks for "just enough for today."
That shocked me.
He could have asked for tons of it. But He didn't.
He knew then and He knows now, every day is different.

Some days feels like you are getting an entire loaf... Some days you feel like you are getting the crumbs and
might even wonder if
He forgot....or left your portion in the toaster....
Some days might even feel like,
He gave someone else a big fat bite of your piece.

Bottom line, He knows what we need.
We don't.

Not a day has passed by, in my lifetime or your's, that we have not been given the exact portion we needed.

God, Thank You for Your daily gift of bread and the perfect amount of it.

In His Dust,

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