Wednesday, October 26, 2011


We went to Taylor Swift last!
It was as if Broadway, Disney, Cirque de Soleil and Taylor had a baby...
and it was witnessed by almost 15,000 people shaking their glow sticks among other things

Screaming little people in glittering pink attire, held their lighted signs,
as they inhaled cotton candy as well as used it as facial hair.
A certain Godson may or not have been a slight nap in a few of the slower songs, towards the end....I couldn't blame's tiring jumping for almost 3 hours while trying to convey your love to Taylor, over a crowd of this size.

What a great way to end the have danced your heart have sung all the have "left it all on the field" have yelled "I love you", to the point of physical exhaustion.

The snoring snuggled up on my lap this was the sweetest thing I heard all night.

God, May we be heard, saying I love you, above all other noises and then resting in Your Arms.

In His Dust,

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