Monday, September 26, 2011

God's Ripples...

The Finger of God is spoken of several times in The Bible.
When He moves it...there is a ripple.
It goes well beyond what you can imagine or even think to ask for.
I believe anyone who is aware of the Drew Boynton story....
has witnessed The Finger of God move.

The ripples in this story look something like this....
front pages of several major metropolitan newspapers...
Emails from complete strangers and friends...

"I was able to talk to my children about Drew and how God makes everyone different & special."

"I am so proud of Alamo Heights"

"Drew has taught everyone to love and laugh"
"Fantastic, uninhibited joy and pride!"

"In 85 years I have never been so touched by a story in our city, much less our school district."
"State championship doesn't hold a candle to this."
"I just moved here and have a child with special needs- I know God placed us here."

"It's as it should be."

Every news station in San Antonio covered the story....

Over 1,000 hits on this blog within a few days.
Visitors ranged from our own back yard to across the United States, England, Australia, Malaysia, Turkey, Canada, Spain, Egypt, North Korea, Honk Kong, India and the hits keep coming....

Quite simply, when God is nothing short of astounding!!

You can’t stop God's Ripples.

You also can't predict where they are going.

You can, rest assured, the ride is going to be FANTASTIC!!!

God, Thank You for allowing us to witness as well as be a part of Your Royal Ride.

In His Dust,


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