Friday, October 7, 2011


"Greater love has no one than this:
to lay down one’s life for one’s friends." ~John 15:13

Ben of all time favorites.
We shared a birthday....albeit a few years apart.

I got an email a few years back from a good looking TCU Phi Delt- He had questions about searching for more than just a party.
Told me he was joining The Marines.
We shared thoughts via snail mail, email and Facebook.

We talked about our faith, the dangers of serving....and the great sacrifices made by those in uniform.
He was always particularly interested in my grandfather's sacrifice. (who was KIA in WWII, Battle of The his early 20's.)
Ben was always so respectful, intrigued and so grateful for those that sacrificed it all.

He had a firm understanding of what he was doing.
He had a firm understanding of what it meant to search for more
He had a firm understanding of what it meant to expect more of himself.
When most people have this kind of revelation in their life, they may come across as judgmental- not Ben.

He had a firm understanding of his faith.
He took this picture in Afghanistan, September 2010.

He also had a firm grip on how to have a great time-
he was the life of the party.

Today, Ben's "firm grip" on things, has met it's match.
For I believe Ben finds himself IN The Firm Grip of God Himself.
I know he has finally found the depth he has always looked for in The Very Face of Christ Himself.

We are more than conquerors...
"In everything, we are more than conquerors.
Everything has changed and death has lost it's sting
because You died and rose again for us.
Your empty grave has broken death's hold.
Nothing can prevail against the Power of The Lord our God."
-Ross King song- based on Romans 8

God, Thank You for the life of Benjamin W Schmidt. Please continue to reveal Yourself in big ways to his family, friends and community.

In His Dust,


Anonymous said...

beautiful words of comfort from your heart.....I hope Becky and David read this and know that their son was extra special

Janis Ploetz said...

Well said, Debbie. You have a gift...

Anonymous said...

This is extraordinary. Hope many get to see this blog-it's my prayer:)

Patti Larsen said...

Debbi, this is just beautiful. I hope it brings comfort to David and his family.