Monday, October 24, 2011


Big Mike D is fascinated with's all we hear about 24/7...stats...nicknames...moves...terms...To be honest I am not quite sure if any of it is in English.

For his birthday present his daddy took him, with a friend, to see the real row!
Or as Mikey told me, "The row is called front."Why are they wearing masks?
Why are they beating each other up?
Why are they saying things like, "you can't see me?"
All good questions.

Oddly enough, I am afraid I might recognize some similarities
in their behavior and mine.
We are ALL wrestlers, aren't we?

We are wrestling God for control....
We are wrestling The Lamb for His Crown...

No matter what we are calling it...our anxiety, our fears....our restlessness....

make no mistake, we are wrestling

God, Thank You for Your Patience with our weak attempt at wrestling You.

In His Dust,


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