Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Give It Up or Add It On?

How is your Lent coming along?

I must admit- mine is a little different this year.
I gave up.....wait for it....
Nothing.I usually give up salt or alcohol. (giving up alcohol was not enough of a sacrifice to make any kind of a difference).

So this year- I wanted to focus in a different direction
I read Scripture reading every morning.
Oh, God has just pointed out to me, that I might want to tell the truth here,
I was already doing that....so I really didn't add anything.

However, NOW, it is a non-negotiable. I really didn't feel called to giving up anything this year-I did feel called to adding....more prayer time...talking to Him all day....even if in short spurts...
more Bible reading...more being WITH God, as opposed to staying AWAY from something else.

Best of luck to all of us in whatever it is we are doing- or not doing in order to focus more on Christ.

Grace and Peace,

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