Monday, March 30, 2009

Dust of The Rabbi...

"A talmid or disciple, did not follow a rabbi as a student. They desired to gain the rabbi's knowledge, but for a greater goal-they wanted to become like the rabbi himself.
A talmid followed the rabbi everywhere-every day, and every hour of the day-often without knowing or asking where the rabbi was going.
The talmidim rarely left his rabbi's side for fear that he would miss a teachable moment.
He watched the rabbi's every move, noting how he acted and thought about a variety of situations.
Talmidim or disciples, trusted their rabbi completely.
They were eager to hear the rabbi's teachings and they worked passionately to incorporate the rabbi's actions and words into their lives.
The disciple's deepest desire was to follow his rabbi so closely that he would start to think and act like the rabbi himself." -Ray VanderLaan-
A famous rabbi once said, "May you be covered in the dust of the rabbi"
Think about it....if you are following a rabbi correctly, you will be so close to him at all times...that you should be covered in the Dust off of His Sandals.
I follow The Greatest Rabbi of all time- Jesus.

How close to Him are you willing to get?
God, thank you for allowing us to follow so closely...forgive me for the times I "hang back"
May we all be covered in the Dust of our Rabbi, Jesus

In His Dust,

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