Monday, November 17, 2008

One Line...

So on Friday I cleared my calendar-and booked it up I-35 to Austin....for what you ask?
One Line. "My Name is-----and I am 5 years old."
When this child walked into the room and I watched her march up there, I swear I think my heart stopped. There was nothing else I could see or hear, but her.

Someone mocked my travels for this "one line"-but I assured them, I would have gone if it had been one word. Oh, by the way, the time it just took you to read that, it was over, and she was marching, accessorized by Birthday crown necklace, back to her seat.

I think God must stop everything when we speak to Him. No matter what else is going on- He is listening- His calendar is cleared. What are you waiting for to talk to Him?

Grace and Peace,



Anonymous said...

I LOVE that thought!!! And it's true!! Thanks for the reminder!
Love, Honey Baby

Anonymous said...

wow...look at that beautiful little girl stride head first into the future....just like her aunt(although it took you until half way through junior high to know how great you were and are) you go girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!1