Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Doc Weems...

(DCC and Doc circa 1970)
Fine, so this is not the actual drawing of my first visit to Doc Weems in 1970, but I think this is what we might have looked like if my mom had drawn the picture while she waited.

This morning I had my bi-annual visit to the dentist- Same trip I have been making...the same office...the same chairs...quite a bit of familiarity involved. Love seeing all of my friends over there.
The lack of fear is strange to most of my friends, who cringe at the mention of going to their dentists.

The difference, I trust my mom. (and I adore my dentist.)
She dragged me and my little-bitty teeth, scared to death, at 3 years old...and told me there was nothing to fear. She would be with me. I trusted her- I still do.

(Actual drawing of Doc working on my mouth.)

God Himself says the same thing.
So, what is the difference between God telling us not to fear and promising to be with us and my mom's promise?
Not much.
I am going to trust both of them.
Their track records are spotless.

Thank you God, for big lessons in simple every day events.

Grace and Peace,

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