Monday, August 9, 2010

Brady Creek...

I spent the weekend at a good friend's family ranch in Brady.


No Facebook
No Twitter
No Words with Friends
No Texting
No iPhones

Between the laughter and the silence, there was reflecting and re-telling of stories- some, tragic beyond expression...others, "drinks out your nose", hysterical.

We said thank you prayers, for friends that are family, and family that are friends-

For precious children that have been best friends since pre-natal days

We were greeted on long red dirt roads by some of God's coolest creatures...

We were entertained by early morning dance parties-

We ate juicy steaks and climbed old trees

There was good wine and good fishing-

We watched some football-

Some traded bath tubs... for swimming pools....

There was little crying and lotsa laughing- little makeup and lotsa bed head

We watched lightning storms and heard rolling thunder...chased armadillos and even had breakfast with Elvis-

Little girls cleared plates and cleaned dishes while little boys (and Elvis) manned the bar and listened to your troubles...

There was plenty of cold beer-

and lots of time to play cards-We listened to great old songs, while looking at detailed old scrapbooks. Memories flooded our minds through handwriting and pictures.

We learned lessons and taught lessons... I wondered who she'd be today, as we talked to kids about life...

and listened to their profound questions-

A weekend of being "unplugged" for me....really lead to being more connected.

"True to your word, you let me catch my breath and send me in the right direction."Psalm 23:2

God, Thank You for MAKING me lie down in green pastures.

In His Dust,


Anonymous said...

well, i am breathless and and your words give me goose bumps and make my heart beat.....the good Lord had a wonderful sense of humor and a whole bunch of left over heart when he made you....all i can say is: WOW and thank you God for my Debbi

Anonymous said...

Debbi-Beautiful and you are an exquisite writer. Blew me away and made me feel calmer and more grateful. Thanks!!!