Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Band Aids...

So I made a return appearance to the dermatologist this am....
I wish that this had been filled with tequila.

I had to have a cyst re-burned out of my leg. Yeah, I know it made me sick too....but if I had to be there...with the noises and really is the least you can do, to hear the description.
Be grateful I am not posting pictures from the equipment.

I had something removed 2 weeks ago- and it came back....with an attitude.

Reminded me of the mistakes I make and lessons I have to learn over and over again.
However, no matter what God never stops patiently "treating" me.

Sometimes the lessons feel like nothing more than a band-aid from Dr Dan....

Oh, how I longed for Doctor Dan...all he had on board of that red wagon was some band aids and treats for the puppy. Nothing that was going to burn through skin.

However, sometimes a band aid doesn't get rid of things for long.
True repentance is required for true and I need a God big enough to do whatever it takes to "clean things" up. Even if that means blood and pain.

Thank You God, for shedding your own blood for our sakes.

In His Dust,

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