Wednesday, August 4, 2010


"Love is Patient" ~1 Corinthians 13:4
The Greek word used here for patient . . . means “taking a long time to boil.”
Think about a pot of boiling water . . .
Water boils quickly when the flame is high. It boils slowly when the flame is low.
Patience “keeps the burner down.”

Patience isn’t naive. It doesn’t ignore misbehavior. It just keeps the flame low.
It waits. It listens . . . This is how God treats us.
And, according to Jesus, this is how we should treat others."

~Max Lucado

I got this timely message a few days ago.
I quickly, rushed through it.

Nothing about it really "stopped me in my tracks."

Until this am...

I walk in the mornings....about 5:30 am....just me and Jesus...and the moon at times.

I was re-reading this on my walk and talking to The Boy about it...and I was thrilled to realize that patience doesn't have to be naive and it doesn't have to ignore bad behavior.

Part of my problem with being feeling like, I have to "ok" the people or situations that challenged me in the first place....

Not the case.

Suddenly, patience doesn't sound as hard. I just have to keep the flame on low...
wait and listen.

Some of the clearest lessons God teaches me are taught when it is dark and quiet.
Looks like I was walking in The Sonlight after all.

God, Thank You for the continued on the job training You offer me. Looking forward to tomorrow morning.

In His Dust,


Anonymous said...

baby girl...just "be still"... you only have to please yourself and the Lord...and in His eyes, you will always shine....slow down and have is precious and each day should be enjoyed to the fullest.....warts and all

Anonymous said...

Debbi-I have recently been learning more about stress hormones-I am a social worker and educator and I am around many people who are stressed. And then there are all those people out there in their daily lives you see acting out of impatience-of course including ourselves and our loved ones-it is human survival/nature. You feel for them and hope we all settle down so we can all find peace in our daily lives.

This always makes me then focus on the immense impatience there is in our world today-our kids are who I worry about. I don't worry or feel much concerned about us grown up's as I do the children. Impatience makes a person tense up and freeze up-we have to let go and show our kids to depend on Christ.:)Impatience is just an example of lack of faith. Love ya.