Monday, August 2, 2010


I've got a crashed Macbook....had it for 5 months....
I spent Saturday night and Sunday morning waiting for an Apple phone appointment to walk me through "the fix"

Then I waited the rest of Sunday, until I was able to get into a Genius Bar appointment

Waited for them to call my name....and go through the steps to fix

Waited in mall for apple geeks to work harder on it....without me staring at them.
Success!! Oh wiped clean. Fail. Monday morning...I'll make an appointment with our Apple guru....he will know what to do....

He said the words, "Oh....goodness." (Which Crocker was quick to point out that he was not referring to the "goodness and mercy, kind of goodness.")

Well, it's now Monday evening and at the speed of a one legged turtle....there is still "transferring" possibly happening.
Yes, I said possibly.

Surprisingly, I am calm and really unflustered....which if you know me, you know this in itself, is a fairly minor miracle.

Because my brilliant Mom reminded me of the verse, I so often blurt out to everyone else but forget to follow myself. "Be Still and Know that I Am God" Psalm 46:10.

I'm saying it....and I'm believing it.

Turns out, I am in need of only One Appointment....and with Only One Certain kind of Genius,
I'm quickly realizing that some of the obstacles we face, are nothing more than opportunities for God to show us His small favors...that feel so large right at the time.

God, Thank You...for being available always- I am here for my appointment.

In His Dust,

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