Friday, February 27, 2009

Church Dirt...

So....I walk in on Ash Wednesday and find Mike...covered in dirt...

with a cross on his forehead...

Me-"Hey Mikey- what's on your head"

Mikey: " dirt."

Me: "What does it mean?"

Mikey: "it means God loves me." (pronounced Lovethhzz )

Mikey: "Its like Superman's S, ...but it is for Jesus." (Keep in mind each "S" is pronounced "th")

"I can flip in the chair, it doesn't come off."

"I can play rock Band super"

It is at this point that I realize my Godson is crying in the other room...

Me: "what's wrong MoMo?"

MoMo:"I didn't get any church dirt....I don't have a church at my school like Mikey."

So, I do what any self respecting Godmother does in such a crisis. I stick my hand in the it through the dirt in the nearest pot plant head his way and give him the "3rd grade run down" on Ash Wednesday.

"William, God Loves you so much , that He stopped at nothing to make sure you get back to Him. The cross on your forehead, is there to remind you, that He made us out of dirt and one day we will return to Him. Bottom line is He loves you, always has and always will. Even if you don't get church dirt on your forehead."

Then, with his little hand, he puts the cross on my forehead too.

We decide it is even better than church. We both know we are all loved by Jesus...and that we are marked by him.

It is the best Ash Wednesday service I have ever been to.

Obviously at this point in our "service", it was time for some worship music, or whatever was on Rock Band...However, in my mind-I clearly heard- "Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow."

May you all know church dirt...and what it stands for.

Grace and Peace,



Natalie said...

That's the sweetest thing! I love the expression "Church dirt." :) You are the best!

Anonymous said...

what a world of warm fuzzies you hand out....God sends more than just church dirt..he sends hugs, dreams,laughter,sunshine and a sky filled with stars...thank you for all of your blogs