Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Facebook and Jesus...

Are you kidding me???? This deal has sucked me in worse than my first Diet Coke....
I fought joining for so long...and now....forget it.

It keeps me up late at night...distracts me from countless people, places and things...oh and did I mention work?
Why are over 90 million people doing this??
We crave connections.
A simple sentence from a college roommate-"I missed you....didn't we have fun....remember when...." opens up a world of feeling connected again whether to people from our past...or our present...some of it even leads into the future.

There is something strong within each of us that makes connecting with others essential to who we are at the very core. comes the God part-
He is using Facebook.
Yep. You read it right.

He is everywhere....duh....but I have found Him very clearly lately in many of my Facebook conversations with people.

We shouldn't be surprised...He is where His people are.
In the days of Jesus earthly life...He walked among the people...did they things did...went to plays...and knew the language of their culture.
Personally, I have found friends both old and new in all different stages of a relationship with Him. Some are in ministry...some, not so much.

Over the past few months I have had people asking for prayers...questioning God...praising God...looking for Scriptures...wanting to know more about becoming a Christian...asking forgiveness. I have had discussions with non-believers...chatted with those from other and discussed the Bible while online and even led someone to Christ!

WWJD??? Would He have a Facebook account? I don't know....nor would I ever try and guess.

I just know that when I am on it....He is there.

Just like He is everywhere else I have been, am now and will ever go. He has turned what started for me as a silly computer distraction, that involved goofy pics from high school and college, into quite a formidable ministry tool in my life.

Thanks be to God for all of His gifts. Especially lately for reminding me that my life is filled with people who bless me and sometimes do not even know it....even if through Facebook.

Grace and Peace,


Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

love it!!

turnintoart said...

You really pulled me in when you said God's on Facebook! I know His Kingdom reigns, but Facebook? You're right!
John Girdwood
My group on Facebook: TurnIntoArt.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I happened about your page after winding my way to the zeta page for SWT on facebook. I pledged in '86 and unfortunately went inactive in '88, I have no idea if you'll remember me (and suspect if you do, it's with less than stellar memories), but thought I'd reach out to you & say hello. Isn't it amazing how God works & where He ends up taking our lives? Would love to hear back, but will understand if not.

Blessings, Denise (Livengood) Buehring [Dee Buehring on facebook]

Debbi's Blog said...

Denise I would love to respond to you- but cannot find you on facebook...what is your email?
Of course I remember you!!