Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So, Jessica and I were sitting in the office on Monday....

and we hear, "Hello?"
We yell back...Hello."
We hear again, "Hello?"
We yell back, "Uh....hello..."
We hear "Hello?"
I am thinking...what is the matter with this nit-wit? The lights are on...we are all here...and then....we hear her say....
"I can't see anyone......I am blind."

Well, alrighty then....excuse us while we jump 15 feet in the air to get to the speed of light-

There stood, Lucy. She had a big smile on her face and a precious daughter, Genesis.
Genesis only spoke Spanish, so we chatted a little bit...and by little bit, I mean, there is a possibility that I told her there was an umbrella under her cat....but I digress.
they love Jesus. They were looking for "The Hope Center", (our ministry downstairs where we assist people.)
So, off we went- She asked if I was 5'8" (she was one inch short). I of course added that I was 100 pounds and a model....she giggled...bad sign for me...great sign for her sense of humor.

I started imagining what it would be like to not see anything. I felt sorry for her...

In the midst of "pity" for her, she said, "The Lord sent me here. I can see your heart...and I see that it is good." (This made me feel better after her giggling about being a model.)
"I can see your church,...and I can see that Jesus is here. The people here are good."

I quickly realized, she was not the one with the vision problem after all. Open My Eyes Lord, please.

Grace and Peace,


Anonymous said...

that lady wasn't blind....she saw perfectly with her hands and her heart....she saw what i see you

Anonymous said...

Thank you for including me in the bad part of the story. From now on could you just say my friend who is a really bad person? And we'll both know it's me!