Sunday, April 13, 2008

Confirmation Sunday...

Well, it is Confirmation Sunday and I am about to march 52, yes you heard it correctly, 8th graders up the center aisle, in front of 900 people, to confess their faith in Christ. (This procedure is similar to hearding cats in front of an orchestra.)

We have been meeting weekly since August- each week we have different speakers that come in and teach a lesson...whether it is on a specific Bible story...or concept..or some even give their personal testimony-

A famous rabbi, I believe it was Akkiba, once stated, "It is a sin to teach kids to believe in God with out teaching them that He believes in them."

I love this statement and it resonates deeply with in all of my teaching. It is my prayer for all of these kids.

I have a friend named Drew...who is also being confirmed today.
Drew is a special needs student.
He has summed up the entire year and concept.

"I love Jesus and I know Jesus Loves me."
This my friends is all that matters.
Thanks Drew-
Thanks Jesus-

Grace and Peace,



Anonymous said...

oh what a precious angel boy..hh

Anonymous said...

I remember going through confirmation myself. I am defintely a proclaimed Christian, however, sadly- what I only remember about Confirmation Class was trying to learn the order of the Books of the Bible (which, by the way I still can't rattle off!). I wish your message had been made clearer back then. I'm SO glad you're making sure they get that.

Anonymous said...

Debbi, thanks for being such a positive influence in our kids' lives. As I sat with my 9 yr old in the congregation, every time your face appeared through the mass of 14 yr olds, he would squeal, "There's Debbi!" over and over again. Too cute! Our children - of all ages - are lucky to have you in their lives. GB

Anonymous said...

Yeah Drew!!!