Monday, April 28, 2008


This my friend, Ramona

She died in a freak accident on her ranch in 1987.

The news that came when I was 19, woke me up in more ways than one.

I learned at a young age that there is no "promised tomorrow."

I turned toward God for answers....and instead of answers got a reassurance that we would see her again. That there was a "promised tomorrow,"it just was not in this lifetime.

I learned that He is with matter what.
I learned of His Grace and Peace by the way her parents and Kakie responded and still teach me on this very day.
She would have been 40 years old today...
I would have been tired from all of the celebrating...and most of you reading this would too.

I wish I was tired from that today....
but, I know the celebration will come.

Thank you Jesus for eternal life-
Happy Birthday Mona-

Grace and Peace,



Anonymous said...

What a blessing that God brought you to that place of understanding (the reassurance of eternal life). Though it's been 21 years since the death of your dear friend, let me say how deeply sorry I am for your loss.

Anonymous said...

Your comments bring up for me the question of how do I honor those whom I loved or whom people I love have loved and lost. That of course brings up the question of what really does it mean to honor someone the way Jesus would honor them. Honor your father and mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving to you. (EX.20:11) Honor, according to Bible Gateway occurs 377 times in the Bible, 60% of them being in the OT. It would be interesting to read them all. Having not done that, what I think honors those who went before me is the way I choose to live the life that for them was maybe cut short or maybe lived the full length of the days written for them in the Book of Life. I think your friend, Mona, would be pleased at the way you honor her.