Monday, December 1, 2014

Mary Sue...

I had Thanksgiving lunch with "a pilgrim on hand."
 K and I decided my broken finger looked boring. 
So, she googled this chick... 
and the next thing I knew....a pilgrim named Mary Sue was born.
Much like her ancestors Mary Sue sailed in to the shores of San Antonio, in a black suburban-while watching movies the whole trip.
She landed in the promise land of Hee Hee and Mac Mac and was welcomed with pink lemonade and Hershey kisses-
As we passed thanks around the table she was "thankful for shelter." Not kidding. 
In the meantime other family members were grateful for marshmallows. Before I knew it, Mary Sue's creator was craving and sculpting some butter and creating a bathtub for a fellow tired and dirty pilgrim.
Mac Mac even added a faucet made out of stuffing.
I started thinking about how easy it was for K, much like my create.
They have a gift for looking at something, or even nothing, and either drawing, designing or creating it in moments.

Much like The Father we ALL share.
"Every detail was crafted through His design, by His Own Hands, and for His purposes." ~Colossians 1:16
This includes you and me. Every detail He created in us is by His Own Hands.
He makes beautiful things....out of dust. 
Out of His Own Image.
Mind. Blowing.

God, thank you for the way you created us by design and for Your Purposes.

In His Dust,

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