Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mr Rosary...

I've got a new buddy on my walk in the mornings.
I haven't gotten his name yet, but, trust you me....I will.
He walks up and down Broadway with his rosary beads.

He never speaks.
He always smiles.
He is always "Praying the Rosary".
Usually about the time my mind starts wandering off to important thoughts,
(like...what's for lunch?)
Here comes
Mr Rosary.

First time I saw him, I looked at his rosary beads, said hi.
He grinned.

The next morning, I said hi and gave him 2 thumbs up, while pointing to his Rosary beads.

He grinned and nodded.

The next morning- I said hi and looked for the beads.

This morning I was so focused on writing a children's sermon, that he, one of God's
actual children, stopped me.
He opened up his hand....pointed to the beads and himself.

I realized that, often I am so focused on what I am doing for God,
that I am missing people he's putting in my path that need my eyes and ears- not my words.

All too often, I am so wrapped up in the work of God, that I'm missing the children of God.

God, Thank You for the reminder to look at the faces and not the beads.

In His Dust,


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