Wednesday, July 27, 2011

No Name...

On my walk this am, I passed the lady that walks her great dane and her chihuahua. As some of you may recall, I have written about her before.
Our first and
only conversation went something like this...
Me: "Hi, I live right here and see you walking all the time. What are your dog's names?"

Her: "Seriously? I
refuse to name my dogs."
Me: Silence....nervous grin.
Her: Gone.

Clearly the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship.

Anywhoski...when I see her now, it makes me sad that her dogs don't have a name.

I had just heard about the passing of Dan Peek, lead singer of 70's band America.

Yes, you do know who they are.

They sing/sang: "Daisy Jane" "Sister Golden Hair" "Ventura Highway" and....
“A Horse With No Name.” See, told you, you knew some of their songs.

So, let's review what we have here, as of this morning's walk.
One horse.

Two dogs
Zero names.

I asked God, what was the message in it for me? For you?
I got a quick and clear answer. (Love when He does that!)

I'll tell you who does have a name. You.
I'll also tell you Who knows it. Me.

“Behold, I have inscribed you on the palms of My Hands." ~Isaiah 49:16

God, Thank You for knowing each and every one of us by name.

In His Dust,


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