Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Comb Overs...

"Acting like we have more faith than we have is like pretending we have more hair than we have. No more comb overs" -Bob Goff

The rare "comb over." It's like a train can't not look at it.(much less stare, which I assume is the opposite of what they are going for??)

So, what do we know about the comb over? Two things...sham and shame.

We may not all have bald spots that we are trying to cover up with hair...but certainly we have things that we are trying to cover up?

You know people who appear extremely confident, some of their lives are falling apart. Their lives are a "comb over."

You know the "gorgeous people" that always look put together and perfect? Some of them feel hideous- their lives are a type of "comb over"

You know the really wealthy people who have everything? Some of them have nothing. Their lives are a "comb over"

Bottom line-maybe the comb over isn't so rare after all.

God, Thank You for loving us and seeing beyond the covering.

In His Dust,


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Dawn said...

Hello Debbi -- Just today I found your blog and have to tell you I am loving it. Thank you for your candor, your humor, and sharing GOD's truth with us.