Monday, June 13, 2011

Airtime and Dirt....

"Who you become depends on what you give the most air time to;
be picky"
-Bob Goff

Over it....sick of hearing and discussing...Weiner and.....his.

The sermon yesterday was on Jesus' parable of the sower.

The title was "How's Your Dirt?"
I gave the children's sermon which means I got to translate the Scripture for minds that think more like....well, mine.

Jesus says that there are different types of soil and each type receive the seed differently.
He then goes on to explain that the seed is The Word of God and the soil is our hearts.
So, I've been thinking about my dirt...aware of what I am giving my "air time" to.
Stress? Negative comments? Judgemental thoughts? Busy-ness? Worry?

I need to be much much pickier.

God, thank You for continually planting in me and giving me fresh dirt to work with.

In His Dust,

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