Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Yes Virginia, There Is An Emmanuel...

Yes, it really happened....You've seen a've seen a manger.

Imagine Mary....a little less than a week after The Birth of her First Son... Was she wondering why Joseph had not hired a night nurse?
Was she concerned about where to send thank you notes to kings with no address?

I imagine her to have been tired with elation and overwhelmed with gratitude.

She held Him.
He held her...just as He holds us.
She fed Him.
He Fed her....just as He feeds us.
She heard Him cry.
He heard her cry...just as He hears us cry.

She gave Him a place to rest.
He gave her a place to rest...just as He gives us a place to rest.
She changed Him...
He changed her...just as He changes us....if we will just let Him.

She found joy in Him...
He found joy in her...just as He finds joy in us.

God, Thank You for stepping down from Your Throne to come here for us.

In His Dust,


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Caryn said...

Debbie, What a blessing to have a Savior... and you are a blessing to all of us at AHUMC!

Anonymous said...

He definitely holds you,hears you,walks with you,crys with you, laughs with you......He gave you to us...what a blessing