We arrived at a cave.

This cave, we soon learned was what they called....a stable.

Yes, a stable.

We went inside where it was very dark...cold...smelly....there were burn marks on the ceiling...from 1000's of years of fires....yes, 1000's! There was 6-8 feet....yes, you read that correctly FEET....of sheep manure.

There was a rocky small partition that was separate from the "main room"

Apparently this is where shepherds might have stayed to watch their sheep. This is also where the Sheep might have given birth to their lambs.

Being that it was slightly separated from the manure-covered floor of the stable...it was a place very similar to this, that Mary could have delivered her Baby. "The Lamb of God."

We were also shown a watering/feeding trough, although you may know it by a different name

A Manger.

Mary placed Jesus in a Manger which was probably the cleanest place in the stable.

A manger was used to pay taxes and debts. Our God used it to pay for our debts.

A manger was also used for food and drink. Our God used it to deliver "The Bread of Life" as well as "The Living Water."

I can not wrap my mind around The Love He must have for you, for me...to be born here...
in a stinking' cold lonely sheep stable...to lay His Head in a cold rocky manger...

I can wrap my heart around it....because I know Him...
I stood there.

It was Love.
It was Christmas
It was Jesus.