Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I volunteered with Campus Life for about 15 years.
It seems like yesterday and a lifetime ago that we were packing up for a weekend retreat
at The Boddy's ranch in Boerne... or Landon's lakehouse...or The Peacock's in Rockport...
Thanks to Facebook- I get to keep my eye on most of you-

It's fun to watch my "kids" grow up- they have become graduates, wives, mommys, doctors, nurses, lawyers, jewelers, photographers, EMTs, missionaries, artists, teachers, politicos, volunteers, restaurant owners, etc.....

Over the past few has been heart wrenching to watch you lose paren
ts- to go through divorces-to fight cancer....
I've watched you wrestle with God over SIDS and still births-
I've seen you struggle with the every day battle of having special needs children.

Through it all I've watched you stick together.

You've held hands at funerals- you've prayed for each other-
you have organized and held prayer vigils for each other's sick children-
You have joined forces and become leaders in our community and in our schools.
I've watched you chair events that serve others and fight off cancer and other diseases.
I've watched you speak in public, about your pain and loss to in order to encourage others.
I've seen you head off to poverty stricken countries to share Jesus.

I've watched you be The Hands and Feet of Christ.

I want you to know-I am very proud of you.
I want you to know-I see Jesus in you still.
I want you to know- "you can always come home"
I want you to have been example setters....just like Paul wrote to Timothy about.

God, Thank You for the opportunity to know these "kids" for so many years. For the lessons You have taught me through them, both then and now.

In His Dust,


Cyndea said...

You have been a HUGE blessing in my life! It was always so good and comforting to know that you were there whenever we were having a bad day....and you didn't mind (or pretended not to ;) ) us stopping by your house unannounced. :) Thanks for the encouragement that you have been and still are to us Debbi! You have made a major impact on our lives!


Hildebrand Family said...

LOVE this... and agree 100% with Cyndea's comment! As you know my life in high school wasn't the way it should have been. I am truly thankful for those of you who stood by me and believed in me! I am who I am today because of you and my best friends! Love you