Monday, September 22, 2008

Look Who Else I Found...

Brenda.. also known as the one who hurled a banana peel across the CLC in order to get my attention...DEBBI!!!!!! This is literally still at the foot of her bed- she said
"in case I came by and she needed anything."

precious kids are still smiling and hanging out...making the most of a challenging time.

Showing me her dog- named Chachi - who belongs to Brenda who corrected me and told me it was CHACHI MARIE.


Sweet man...when I get there he was sweeping and cleaning up

the nurses station...they were not as friendly as our nurses

Brenda's sister...

Cutie patootie- showing me some of his new stuff

Martha... She was getting ready to leave today-
all of our kiddos...asking all about you all!
Lots of " love yous and we don't want to go"
"Please tell Caroline, Katie and Anne Marie we love them"
of course my favorite part was walking into the shelter and seeing the Julian Gold bags....King Ranch tshirts...AH baseball tshirts...


Then we headed back to Tri Point tonight

We found Lonnie...

Mrs Beechie
Who says is he is staying right here in SA!


Who was asleep the whole time-

Mrs McCourt...

sweet as ever...

Linda and Reginald laying down some serious scripture!

Then we started taking Bibles to people..whether they wanted them or not-

Sylvia and Cindy and I started praying with people all over the place-
then the Holy Spirit started going nuts- this beautiful couple taught us about the secret of contentment...
what a humbling lesson....they turned the lights out....and after a while- we had to leave.
I am speechless tonight and will let the pictures speak for themselves...I will assure you we have been in the obvious presence of Jesus.
Grace and Peace,


Anonymous said...

WOW - the Holy Spirit really working.
Love that Reginald.....

$5 Dinner Mom said...

Hey! You are doing an amazing work for the Lord! Thanks for always encouraging me! I've got an award for you over at $5 Dinners! Come on over for the details!
:) Erin