Tuesday, September 30, 2008


There is an old parable told in Israel....

God tells a rabbi "On your way in to town every morning...to push on this rock."
So the rabbi obeys....and every day....as pushed on the rock...for almost a year.
The evil one pulls the rabbi aside one day and says, "That boulder has not moved an inch since you started pushing on it....if you go another way...you will not have to push on that boulder."

The rabbi listens to the evil one and agrees with him. He begins going home by another way.

After a week or so goes by....God says to the rabbi "Why did you stop going that way?"

Rabbi says, "I pushed on that boulder every day just like you said...and it never moved...I am tired of trying."

God says, "Who said anything about the boulder moving?

I told you to do that, so YOU would become stronger and you have. Have you even noticed what you are able to do that you were not able to before. You are able to help so many others as well as yourself."

God, we all have boulders in our lives and our paths...may we remember that we may not understand their purpose...but maybe we don't always need to. Thank you for all of the boulders you pushed and continue pushing to get to us.

Grace and Peace,


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Pops and Nana said...

What perfect timing for our family to hear this message!! Thanks for your faithfulness, dear friend!!
Love, Honey Baby