Saturday, September 20, 2008

Blood, Sweat and Tears...

As I arrived they were literally starting the buses to drive off- I put a quick stop to that on each bus and ambulance...I had to see them one more time- I got the chance to "reap" as I saw in their eyes their earnest plea to stay here!!!

If I drove up 5 minutes later they would have been gone. I was overwhelmed by God's Grace and perfect timing. (This is where the tears come in)-I cried like a baby as they drove off- they waved and cried... All of their stories came flooding back to was so emotional-it felt like a war had just ended...

Then there were none....

The silence was deafening.
Blondie, aka Linda Marceau, was convinced that we needed to clean it up before the cleaning crew came- seriously- Are you kidding me Blondie???? There are only 3 of us here! But I complied, as I usually do with Linda...when she gets a bee in her just follow along-
(I grumble the whole way- but secretly love every second of it)

This was a war zone- it literally needs a hazmat squad...and make no mistake about it-it will receive a good blasting from one- but Linda, was too busy caring about those people who had to prepare for the cleaning crew- so here we go.... (That was where the sweat came in.) Remember when your mom used to make you clean up, before the maid got there? It was like that - but on a rather larger scale.
In the midst of all the tearing down, folding up, pushing of beds and oxygen tanks...boxing up clothes, shoes, toys and books, medical files, phones and washing machines out-

I looked down and there was blood running down my hand- I had a paper cut.
(This is where the Blood comes in.)
As I watched the blood roll down- and listened to the nurses giggle, in my face, thank you very little, I was reminded of the One Who's Blood ran down His Hands.
Because of His Blood, Sweat and Tears....
LOVE had the last word here.

Grace and Peace,

P.S. Yes, we are going to see our new friends -they are still in SA! Keep them in your prayers-

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Anonymous said...

What a difference you made in their lives, Debbi, Thank you from the bottom of my heart.