Monday, September 29, 2014

Blue Jean Related Incident...

Well....perhaps you have heard.
There has been a Blue Jean related incident.
(Look for it on CNN)
I would not have guessed there was any risk off pulling a tag off of my new jeans...
However, now....I am wiser. 
Today, I am also the recipient of one freshly broken Mallet Finger. 
What never heard of it? Yeah, me neither before Tuesday. 

Today, I type as a schooled veteran on the subject...
and by type, I of course mean peck like a lethargic chicken.
 What are the odds Brooke Shields ever had this problem?
Like her jeans.

As I was complaining about how hard painting my nails and texting have become....
God sent a reminder across my TV by way of Bethany Hamilton on Amazing Race.    

Jesus has made beauty from the ashes in her life. 
He wants to do the same in each of our's.

All of us have something broken, don't we?

"My body and my heart may grow weak.
    God, you give strength to my heart.
    You are everything I will ever need." -Psalm 73:26

God, Thank You for not just being our splint, but being our Healer. Thank You for making the broken...beautiful.

In His Dust,

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