Monday, December 2, 2013

Butter Potties...

"God, You are our Father.
    We’re the clay and You’re our potter:
    All of us are what You made us." ~Isaiah 64:8  

So Thanksgiving was fantastic....
Mom made created table Martha Stewart herself would have been proud of.
The food was scrumptious, I believe I could even hear Momo herself clapping!
(Happy 90th Bday to Momo by the way) 

The table was complete with a perfectly lovely butter shaped turkey...
 Sometimes, we think that our molding and shaping of things is much better than what The Creator had in mind....and the next thing you know...
when no one is have a better idea...

A better idea---a new shape for the butter.
 And sometimes, that shape is a potty....or two potties for that matter. 
(Complete with flushing handles, because....duh.)
Make no mistake that, I was thoroughly impressed and amused.
Then upon a little introspection, I began to wonder
where I am trying to "over-carve" or "fix" something God Himself is working on.
God, Thank you for your patience with us when try and "help" You. 

In His Dust,

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