Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Michael's Christmas Letter...

I walked in and found my friend Jane reading "Michael's Christmas letter" this morning.
Michael was and will always be, Jane and Gary's son and Patrick's big brother. 

In light of recent days Jane felt that it was time to share this letter.
We pray that it brings peace to chaos and comfort to those so desperately looking for it.

"He is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.
Therefore we will not fear." ~Psalm 46:1,2b

Following the death of our seven year old son in 1992, a “Christmas Letter” came to my husband and me. It was signed “Love, Michael” – the words were actually from the sister of Michael’s Aunt. She is a talented poet, although she will claim she was merely a vessel –
these words were “Divinely Inspired.” We call this “Michael’s Christmas Letter” – and we want to share it hoping it will bring peace, hope and comfort to many who suffer a tragic loss of a child. The words are precious and uplifting to us.

"Dear Mom and Dad,
How are you?
I am very fine! I hope my Christmas Letter gets to you in time.
Guess what!!
Of all the kids in heaven, God Himself chose ME…
To be the one to put the star on heavens’ Christmas tree!
It wasn’t made of tinsel...it came right from the sky!
An angel put it in my hands and lifted me up high.
All us kids sing Christmas carols and always celebrate…
And you oughta see the candles on Jesus’ birthday cake!
We all get to make a wish...that HE will make come true.
I thought of lots of wishes…but I mostly thought of you.
He asked what gift He could give…to me, His special boy.
He asked what was my heart’s desire…what was my favorite toy.
I thought and thought of all the toys I had ever had…
Then I asked if He would send some smiles to mom and dad…
‘cause if He could make you happy like you used to be
That would be the perfect present that He could give to me.


God, It feels like we are all missing somebody, especially this time of year. We are hurting for strangers and praying for each other. Thank You for hearing each prayer and wiping each tear.
May we know the True Peace and Comfort Who came to live and walk among us on Christmas Day.

In His Dust,

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Anonymous said...

Jane, thank you for sharing and I hope your Christmas is filled with laughter and smiles and hugs and a couple of tears are ok too............how blessed you are to have held that bundle of joy for as long as you did................