Thursday, December 20, 2012

God Is With Us...

And lo and the fields....there were....
 overly excited cattle and dancing donkeys....

(alongside one guy refusing to costume up- apparently The Bachelor was at the nativity looking to hand out a rose to a sugared up sheep
They were and are, daily guided by real life shepherds...
that would lay down their lives to protect these kids.

Then there was Joseph and Mary.
He was clearly not amused and not buying Mary's story of how this happened.
Mary was beaming...She looked like she really was,
 "treasuring up all these things and pondering them in her heart." 
 It's as if she knew full well- she was chosen for something bigger than anyone could fully grasp.

Beaming angels....making sure we were not afraid...

and lop earred donkeys possibly, up to no good.....
Of course, the lesser known quotes from the stable were also heard
"There's no room in this inn and, you're stepping on my tail!"
The wiseman who yelled "I need to tinkle!"
(After the handing over of Frankenstein)
The confused cow who pondered how "Jesus got born all the way up there at de norf poll"
There were donkeys that were "bored"
and cows that would prefer to snuggle up in a lap rather then stand up and moo for the crowd...
The pews were filled were crying moms and beaming grandmothers...
alongside dad's with a proud giggle and tear.

For a moment the bad news outside didn't exist-

We all followed the star- that lead us to the Manger
In that manger....we found "A Son is given."
God is with us.
And THAT'S what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown.

God, Thank You for reminding us through these precious funny faces...that You. Are. Here. 
In His Dust,

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