Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Well, after two trees, chunked to the driveway and not enough Xanax, we finally got the tree up at home.
Yes, I'm aware it's not about the decor and its all about Jesus' Bday- I know!
But dang was it frustrating to be messing with a tree and jacked up blown out lights.

It was not until yesterday that I was reminded what matters.
I went downstairs to my favorite new "therapy" spot...the pre-k room.

They were about to decorate the Christmas tree. 

And by decorate... 
I of course mean.... 
running in to each other like wild animals while... 

what appeared to be spitting out strawberry and gold lights.

It was just like that scene on Charlie Brown where they all stand there...open their mouths into a circle....raise their arms....and poof the tree is done!!

We hung the star- and talked to the kids about remembering to look for Jesus 
whenever they saw a star. We talked about how He is everywhere and in Everyone.
We turned out the lights and watched the star glow.

You would have thought they were looking at the Rockefeller Tree.

God, Thank You for sending Your Son....and for continually sending signs of Him.

In His Dust,

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Anonymous said...

Oh Holy night and Deck the Halls!!!! Nothing is more precious than children...they are the reminder that Jesus lives in ALL of us