Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tinkerbell Pinata...

This I was working on the blog in my head as I drove....should I write about the 16 shades of crazy with Charlie Sheen...or poster child for Clearasil, Muammar Gaddafi...I still needed to comment on all kinds of nuttery at the Oscars....
oh and then I threw in a "God, what would you like for me to say to anyone reading this today?


There they were.

They just happened to be parking at the exact same time.
They just happened to be exactly "nose to nose" with my car.

This was no coincidence and I knew it the second I pulled in. There was a divine appointment waiting in front of my face.

I got out- she did too- she didn't speak.
I did.
Me: Good morning!
Her: Do you know where I can get some help?
Me: Yes, right here. If you walk down that hall and take a left...
(at this point, God pops in and says- walk with people, don't just send them.)
Me: I mean, I'll show you.
Her: Thank you.
Me: I'm Debbi.
Her: I'm K. I was told I could find some help here?
(I saw her list of things she needed. There was food and water and a pinata.
Yes, a pinata.
After some time spent talking, she tells me...

Her: It's my granddaughter's birthday this month.
Me: What's her name?
Her: Chloe. She loves Tinkerbell. All she wants is a pinata. Do you know where I can find a Tinkerbell pinata?? (jokingly)
Me: Actually, yes I do.
I think God's message for me this morning was to stop putting so much energy into the wrong things.
"Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things."
~Colossians 3:2

God, Thank You for the specific reminder that there are people with greater needs and worries than what we see in the media.

In His Dust,


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Anonymous said...

I love all of your posts, but this especially touched me. Keep those appointments!