Monday, November 15, 2010

Save The Date...

I know some of you are irritated that Christmas stuff is up- I have been reading your blogs and your complaints via Twitter..."can't we just get through Thanksgiving-or worse Halloween without seeing Christmas lights???"

Personally, I love it! The earlier the better if you ask me.
Not to mention its a timely reminder of what to be thankful for when we sit down to stuff our faces next Thursday?

As I see it-- all Christmas decor is a save the date card.
We don't get bugged when we here about a wedding date 6 months early.
We're happy to reserve a space on the calendar. So there are no excuses- no conflicts-

So, what's the difference?
All the garland, all the lights-Everything you hear, see and smell regarding Christmas-
(including before Thanksgiving),
Consider it a note from God....
Save The Date...
Love is coming.The Star came waaaaaaaayyyyy ahead of time- so there was something to follow.
Let's do the same.
It's the Wise man and Wise woman's way.

God, Thank You for all the ways You speak to us.

In His Dust,

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Anonymous said...

my calender is marked you hear what i hear? do you see what i see?